Deploys a wordpress web site with MySQL replication backend

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This template deploys a WordPress site in Azure backed by MySQL replication with one master and one slave servers. It has the following capabilities:

  • Installs and configures GTID based MySQL replication on CentOS 6.
  • Deploys a load balancer in front of the 2 MySQL VMs. MySQL, SSH, and MySQL probe ports are exposed through the load balancer using Network Security Group rules. WordPress accesses MySQL through the load balancer.
  • Configures a http based health probe for each MySQL instance that can be used to monitor MySQL health.
  • WordPress deployment starts immediately after MySQL deployment finishes. Details about MySQL management, including failover, can be found here.

How to Deploy

  • This template takes a dependency on the MySQL-replication template. Refer to the README of MySQL-Replication template for how to customize MySQL deployment, and how to failover, backup, and restore.



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