Orleans Voting sample app on Aspire

This is a simple .NET app that shows how to use Orleans with .NET Aspire orchestration.


  • How to configure a .NET Aspire app to work with Orleans

Sample prerequisites

This sample is written in C# and targets .NET 8.0. It requires the .NET 8.0 SDK or later.

Building the sample

To download and run the sample, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the dotnet/aspire-samples repository.
  2. In Visual Studio (2022 or later):
    1. On the menu bar, choose File > Open > Project/Solution.
    2. Navigate to the folder that holds the sample code, and open the solution (.sln) file.
    3. Right click the OrleansVoting.AppHost project in the solution explore and choose it as the startup project.
    4. Choose the F5 key to run with debugging, or Ctrl+F5 keys to run the project without debugging.
  3. From the command line:
    1. Navigate to the folder that holds the sample code.
    2. At the command line, type dotnet run.

To run the game, run the .NET Aspire app by executing the following at the command prompt (opened to the base directory of the sample):

dotnet run --project OrleansVoting.AppHost
  1. On the Resources page, click on one of the endpoints for the listed project. This launches the simple .NET app.
  2. In the .NET app:
    1. Enter a poll title, some questions, and click Create, or click DEMO: auto-fill poll to auto-fill the poll.
    2. On the poll page, Click one of the poll options to vote for it.
    3. The results of the poll are displayed. Click the DEMO: simulate other voters button to simulate other voters voting on the poll and watch the results update.

For more information about using Orleans, see the Orleans documentation.