Dynamic Dependencies Sample

Dynamic Dependencies is an API in the Windows App SDK that enables applications the ability to dynamically load MSIX framework packages. This sample demonstrates how to use those APIs to dynamically load the DirectX Runtime MSIX framework package.

The C++ DirectX sample (D3D9Ex) is built using the older DirectX9 SDK, but updated to show how to use Dynamic Dependencies and the DirectX Framework package instead of the DirectX redist.

Scenarios covered in these samples

Dynamically referencing additional MSIX framework packages

This sample shows how to add a reference to another MSIX framework package (DirectX) by explicitly using the Dynamic Dependency API. For more information on these concepts, please refer to Use the dynamic dependency API to reference framework packages at run time.


Building and running the samples

  • Open the solution file (.sln) from the subfolder of your preferred sample in Visual Studio.
  • From Visual Studio, either Start Without Debugging (Ctrl+F5) or Start Debugging (F5).