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When working with C# and .NET in a Xamarin.Mac application, you have access to the same Image and Icon tools that a developer working in in Objective-C and Xcode does.

Mac app showing a photo of a monkey

There are several ways that image assets are used inside a macOS application. From simply displaying an image as part of your application's UI to, assigning it to a UI control such as a Tool Bar or Source List Item, to providing Icons, Xamarin.Mac makes it easy to add great artwork to your macOS applications in the following ways:

  • UI Elements - Images can be displayed as backgrounds or as part of your application in a Image View (NSImageView).
  • Button - Images can be displayed in buttons (NSButton).
  • Image Cell - As part of a table based control (NSTableView or NSOutlineView), images can be used in a Image Cell (NSImageCell).
  • Toolbar Item - Images can be added to a Toolbar (NSToolbar) as a Image Toolbar Item (NSToolbarItem).
  • Source List Icon - As part of a Source List (a specially formatted NSOutlineView).
  • App Icon - A series of images can be grouped together into a .icns set and used as your application's icon. See our Application Icon documentation for more information.

Additionally, macOS provides a set of predefined images that can be used throughout your application. This example covers using an Image in Xamarin.Mac in all of the above listed situations.


Running the sample

  1. Open the solution file (.sln) in Visual Studio for Mac.
  2. Use the Run button or menu to start the app.