Security Bulletins 2017

For bulletin summaries that list the security bulletins released for each month see Security Bulletin Summaries.

|**Date**|**Bulletin number**|**Title**|**Affected Software**| |------------|------------|------------|------------| |**March 2017**| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-023](|Security Update for Adobe Flash Player (4014329)|Microsoft Windows Adobe| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-022](|Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services (4010321)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-021](|Security Update for Windows DirectShow (4010318)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-020](|Security Update for Windows DVD Maker (3208223)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-019](|Security Update for Active Directory Federation Services (4010320)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-018](|Security Update for Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers (4013083)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-017](|Security Update for Windows Kernel (4013081)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-016](|Security Update for Windows IIS (4013074)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-015](|Security Update for Microsoft Exchange Server (4013242)|Microsoft Windows Microsoft Exchange| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-014](|Security Update for Microsoft Office (4013241)|Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-013](|Security Update for Microsoft Graphics Component (4013075)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-012](|Security Update for Microsoft Windows (4013078))|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-011](|Security Update for Microsoft Uniscribe (4013076))|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-010](|Security Update for Microsoft Windows SMB Server (4013389)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-009](|Security Update for Microsoft Windows PDF Library (4010319)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-008](|Security Update for Windows Hyper-V (4013082)|Microsoft Windows| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-007](|Security Update for Microsoft Edge (4013071)|Microsoft Windows Microsoft Edge| |March 14, 2017|[MS17-006](|Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (4013073)|Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer| |**February 2017**| |February 21, 2017|[MS17-005](|Security Update for Adobe Flash Player (4010250)|Microsoft Windows Adobe| |**January 2017**| |January 10, 2017|[MS17-004](|Security Update for Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (3124901)|Microsoft Windows| |January 10, 2017|[MS17-003](|Security Update for Microsoft Windows (3124901)|Microsoft Windows Adobe| |January 10, 2017|[MS17-002](|Security Update for Microsoft Office (3214291)|Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office| |January 10, 2017|[MS17-001](|Security Update in Microsoft Exchange Server (3125573)|Microsoft Windows Microsoft Edge|