CISO Workshop Module 4b: Threat Protection Strategy

This module reviews the evolution and trajectory of the Microsoft Security Operations Centers (SOC), powered by trillions of signals in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

Introduction: Threat Protection Strategy (Detect-Respond-Recover) (3:38)

Part 1: Evolution of Threat Landscape (5:39)

Part 2: Evolution and Trajectory of Security Operations Centers (10:42)

Part 3: Learnings from Microsoft Corporate IT SOC (22:07)

Part 4: Intelligence (6:04)

Part 5: Success Criteria (6:35)

Part 6: Full Kill Chain Approach and Integrated Operations (7:29)

Part 7: Applying Machine Learning to Threat Detection (8:19)

Part 8: Behavior Analytics

Part 9: Dark Markets and Criminal Forums (9:19)

Part 10: SIEM Integration (14:22)

Part 11: Summary of Integrated Technology and Automation (9:33)