Microsoft Security Best Practices module: Network security and containment

Network Security & Containment helps reduce organizational risk by providing access controls to limit the ability of attackers to traverse the enterprise environment without impeding legitimate communications and interactions.

See the Network security and containment and Capabilities topics for more information.

The following videos provide guidance on network security and containment. You can also download the PowerPoint slides associated with these videos.

Part 1: Introduction - Overview of Azure Network Security (21:31)

Part 2: Enterprise Consistency & Segmentation Alignment (04:15)

Part 3: Pragmatic Containment Strategy (04:14)

Part 4: Internet Edge Strategy (01:59)

Part 5: ExpressRoute Termination (02:24)

Part 6: Deprecating Legacy Technology (02:35)

Part 7: Subnet & NSG Design (03:04)

Part 8: DDoS Mitigations (02:41)

Part 9: Azure Ingress/Egress Security (02:08)

Part 10: Advanced Visibility (02:09)

Next steps

For additional security guidance from Microsoft, see Microsoft security documentation.