Microsoft Security Best Practices module: Privileged administration

Administrative accounts with privileged access to the environment (and associated elements like groups and workstations) must be protected at the highest levels of security assurances to ensure all other security assurances aren't undermined.

See the Administration topic for more information.

The following videos provide guidance on administration. You can also download the [PowerPoint slides]/microsoft-365/downloads/security-compass-presentation.pptx) associated with these videos.

Part 1: Introduction (05:40)

Part 2: Admin Quantity (03:14)

Part 3: Managed and Separate Admin Accounts (03:38)

Part 4: Emergency Access (02:28)

Part 5: Containing Attack Pivot Risk (02:42)

Part 6: Admin Account Protection (05:25)

Part 7: Admin Workstation Security (04:09)

Part 8: Enforcing Access Security (03:13)

Part 9: Simplify Permissions (03:31)

Part 10: Admin Account Lifecycle (02:53)

Next steps

For additional security guidance from Microsoft, see Microsoft security documentation.