Purchased Offline Assessments - now available on the Services Hub

Purchased Offline assessments are now available in the Services Hub for customers with high privacy restrictions and compliance processes in which the data must remain at their facilities. This is a streamlined experience to enable you to assess your environment offline maintaining all data at your facility. The data is collected onsite allowing you to maintain privacy and run the assessment on your own schedule. A Microsoft accredited engineer while onsite will analyze the data, review the findings, provide recommendations, focus on knowledge transfer, and build a remediation plan with your staff and your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM).

Key benefits

Some of the key benefits of offline assessments include:

  • Complete privacy in which the data remains at your facility

  • Onsite delivery with a Microsoft accredited engineer

  • Assessment results available with the offline client

  • Reduce support costs by exposing configuration and operational issues before they affect your business

Once you have purchased your Offline Assessment, within 24 hours you will be able to download your Offline Assessment package from your Services Hub Workspace on the IT Health and then On-Demand Assessment page.

How to locate your Offline Assessment Package

Once you have logged into the Services Hub, navigate to the IT Health tab and select On-Demand Assessments.

Screenshot that shows the Services Hub page with the IT Health tab selected.

Then scroll down to the "Available On-Demand Assessments" section to find your Offline Assessment package. Click on your Offline Assessment to download the package.

Screenshot that shows the Available On-Demand Assessment section with the Offline Assessment for Active Directory icon highlighted.

Screenshot of the Offline Assessment pop-up prompting the user to download the Offline Assessment package.

Once you have downloaded the Offline Assessment package, see the datasheet below for your particular Offline Assessment to get started.

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