Services Hub Releases

Below you will find all the recent Services Hub releases by month for the past twelve months.

February 2023

We have been busy improving framework, infrastructure and some fundamental items, including many minor updates in Services Hub documentation.

January 2023

We have been busy improving framework, infrastructure and some fundamental items.

December 2022


Cloud Support Request Visibility Dashboard

Cloud Support Request Visibility dashboard allows you to consent to showing Azure and M365 case details within the Services Hub, provides a quick view of the total case count for your support agreements and the current visibility status within the Services Hub.

This provides the ability to enable visibility for each cloud asset (Azure Subscription/M365 tenant) listed in the dashboard. You can manually add any additional Subscriptions and Tenants to the dashboard to gain additional visibility. Enabling visibility for a cloud asset will instantaneously make the cases visible to members of the Services Hub with the proper permissions to see support cases. Click here to learn more about this feature.

November 2022

We have been busy improving framework, infrastructure and some fundamental items.

October 2022


Microsoft Services Hub Customer Activity Page

We have just released two updates for the Customer Activity Page! The first update is to allow the On-Demand Education details to be exported/download for Learning Managers to use in tracking learning assignments and completion. Additionally, we have made updates to specific tiles that are categorized as “Proactive services” to show both “Delivered” hours/units as well as “Used” hours/units.

  • Delivered includes the hours/units have already been delivered and reflected as decremented.
  • Used includes Delivered and it also contains hours/units that have been booked or allocated for delivery, but not yet delivered.


10 of 100 have been delivered. There are 100 units purchased and 10 have already been delivered and accounted for.

50 of 100 have been used. Still the same 100 units purchased. Since 10 have already been delivered (above), 40 more units are booked or allocated for use, but they have not yet been delivered.

September 2022


Announcing end of support for the Services Hub mobile app on October 15, 2022

Due to ongoing maintenance costs, app store requirements, competing priorities, and low usage we are ending support for Services Hub mobile app. We are committed to providing a feature-rich Services Hub site experience, and we will be focusing our development resources on powering that effort for the time being. New users won’t be able to download the mobile app from the stores. Users who have downloaded the app won’t be able to engage with the Services Hub features (Support, Learning, Assessments) through the mobile app.


AAD Groups Feature

AAD Groups Functionality allows a Service Admin to grant AAD security group access to Microsoft Services Hub. Service Admin can take advantage of getting all required users into Microsoft Services Hub with the simplicity of user login and granting AAD security group access easily. Part of this feature allows the adding of Permissions for groups, and the ability to edit and remove Security Group Access. 

August 2022


Email Newsletter Pages

Want to read information that has been in prior Newsletter email? You can select focus areas to see related content from previous Services Hub monthly newsletters.

July 2022

We have been busy improving framework, infrastructure and some fundamental items.

June 2022


Share your Services Hub ideas with Microsoft Ideas

Have ideas for new features or improvements for Services Hub? Easily share your ideas with the team and vote on other ideas to share your support and help our team prioritize new work.

Learn more about our feedback features by visiting the Feedback documentation. Feedback.


Build customizable reports with Services Hub Open Canvas

Easily build customizable, self-service reporting using a curated dataset against your support data – enabling you to explore, share, and deepen your insights with your team. With Services Hub Open Canvas, Unified and Premier customers have an easy-to-use, comprehensive, on-demand reporting experience with the ability to design custom reports or leverage and customize report templates created and shared by other users.

Open Canvas Empowers you to:

  • Use your data to analyze trends and identify root cause issues
  • Maintain and optimize systems to prevent issues and minimize disruption
  • View reactive support and outage information


  • Services Hub administrators control access to the Open Canvas reporting experience
  • Set your reporting scope for Azure Subscription cases with the Manage Subscriptions feature
  • Zoom-in to just the data you need the most with the Focus Areas feature
  • Leverage pre-built reports with Shared Canvas
  • Author your own report using the report editor with the Create a Report feature
  • Export data from your reports

To learn more about this new reporting experience, visit our Open Canvas documentation at Open Canvas Insights.

May 2022

Machine Learning

Remove Case Recommendations from Services Hub

Removing the rarely used trending recommendations feature. Due to rare usage, the algorithm isn’t providing the correct trending data recommendations via machine learning. Also removing Incident Trend Analysis (people/process/technology) from the chart graph "Number of support requests"


React Improvements

  • Better User Experience and Performance
  • Easier to support
  • Changes on landing page such as removal of search button, whole name in upright corner instead of just first name.

March 2022


Workspace in degraded state banner

A new red banner will be displayed at the top of your Services Hub workspace that says, "Workspace degraded This workspace does not include an active support enabled package and cannot be used to create a support request. Please contact your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM)."

February 2022

Services Hub Feedback

New Services Hub Feedback experience now available

Users can now share product feedback directly in Services Hub. Using the Feedback button in the primary navigation, use the dialog box to rate your satisfaction and provide additional comments to the team around Services Hub.

For general feedback on the Resource Center or content, please submit your feedback to your Microsoft representative. For specific requests and content updates regarding the Services Hub, contact our Support Team to submit a case.