Maximize your technology investments with Proactive Accelerators from Microsoft

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At Microsoft, support means more than just troubleshooting. Our proactive approach moves beyond ‘break-fix,’ helping you avoid problems before they arise, get up to speed faster, and maximize the return on your technology investment. We leverage strong relationships, deep technical expertise, and tested methodologies to help you avoid costly downtime – and realize the full value of your Microsoft solutions.

Introducing Proactive Accelerators from Microsoft Unified Support

Proactive Accelerators are flexible, outcome-based engagements designed to address your most common technical and operational scenarios. They are a great entry point to help you maintain, onboard, and optimize your key solutions while accelerating your time-to-value across technical needs like Analytics, Data Estate Modernization, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Each Proactive Accelerator is a combination of pre-defined and tailored services like assessments, workshops, and hands-on labs that target your desired business outcomes. A dedicated Customer Engineer (CE) works alongside your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) to identify the right next steps based on your cloud maturity, technical parameters, and financial requirements. Our dual-track expert support model can help you realize your goals faster by eliminating the technical and operational blockers keeping you from implementing and optimizing your Microsoft solutions.

Let’s take a look at an example. Like many organizations across business sectors, you may have found yourself needing to transition to and adopt Microsoft Teams swiftly amid a sudden shift to remote work. Optimizing the Teams experience for your staff and clients would quickly become a critical business priority. A Proactive Accelerator is an ideal option to help you resolve business challenges and achieve optimal run-state as quickly as possible. A Proactive Accelerator for Microsoft Teams might include:

  • A detailed assessment with your Microsoft engineer to analyze the readiness of your network infrastructure for the new workloads
  • An onboarding workshop to ensure Teams is properly configured
  • A Teams Live Meetings training to teach your IT department how to properly manage permissions

Proactive Accelerators are tailored around your organization’s unique business needs, while being tactical enough to get you measurable results quickly. Whether you need guidance on the next steps to meet your technology goals, trainings to upskill your staff in a cloud-first world, or dedicated engineering workshops to ensure your solutions are always operating at peak health, Proactive Accelerators give you access to a wealth of Microsoft expertise.

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If you are a Unified Support customer interested in learning more about this new offering and identifying the right Proactive Accelerator for your organization, you can find it under Proactive Accelerator Addons in the Services Catalog or reach out to your CSAM to identify the right Proactive Accelerator for you. If you are not a Unified Support customer, talk to your Microsoft account representative to learn more about Unified Support and our catalog of Proactive Accelerators.