Missing a support agreement or Add agreement fails

Applies to: Partner


When using the Support for Business for workflow, During Step 2: Tell us about the type of support you need you may have issues using your support agreement.

  1. An existing support agreement that was working ok, is no longer displayed when you select a different product version.

  2. When you use the add agreement button you see an error message or there is a silent failure; and no agreement is available for selection.

Cause and Resolution

Possible issues

  1. The Product version you selected is not supported for your specific support agreement. Error message: “Support plan cannot be used for support on the specified products.”

Screenshot of the question Would you like to see unavailable support plans? with the error messages being highlighted.

The support plan will only be displayed if the product version is supported for the specific offering (e.g. Partner Support Gold 20pack or Visual Studio support). If a valid product is selected, the support agreement can be selected as normal. Each product or service will be supported according to the service guidelines for the specific offering. Only paid support covers mainstream and extended support for most products.

Screenshot of the Add Contract option and Buy Now option being highlighted for the Single incident option.

If the user is using an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account, they need to sign out to purchase PPI.

Screenshot of an error message reading Microsoft Professional Support (pay-per-incident) support plans are not available.

  1. Your support agreement has expired because it is only valid for a specific time period (e.g. 12 or 13 months from purchase). Error message: “Support plan has expired." Use Buy Now to purchase a new support incident.

  2. You have no support incidents remaining. If you use all your support incidents, you see the error message “Support plan has no units available”. Use Buy Now to purchase a new support incident.

  3. You added an existing agreement to the same account more than once. You only need to add a agreement once to your account. If you add the same agreement a second time, you see, “The agreement is already registered.” Expand the “Would you like to see unavailable support plans?” section to see any error messages related to your previous support agreement.

More information

MPN Product support incidents

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Product support incidents are “Partner support Gold 20pack”, “Partner support Silver 15pack” and “Partner support MAPS 10pack”.

Partner support core benefits follow the N-1 support policy, for on-premises products and hybrid solutions. The N-1 support policy enables only the newer on-premises products (cloud product support is not changed). N-1 includes the current product (N) and the previous product version (N-1), and only for products in Mainstream Support. Older (N-2) products and any product where Mainstream Support has ended, are not available for support incident creation. If a partner attempts to use MPN Product support incidents for an old on-premises product e.g. Exchange Server 2010, the support offering will not be displayed because it cannot be used for the old product.

For more information see MPN Product support N-1 policy.

Signature Cloud Support and Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP)

The “Signature Cloud Support” and “Advanced Support for Partners” support offerings are for Cloud products only. If the access ID and agreement ID were used for a cloud product via the Azure portal, the support offering would be displayed because Azure is a cloud product. If you selected an on-premises product, the support plan will be displayed under the “Unavailable support plans” section and the error message will say “Support plan cannot be used for support on the specified product (Code:8)”.

Visual Studio Subscriptions (formerly MSDN)

Developer Tools such as the Visual Studio IDE and Team Foundation Services will receive both mainstream and extended support through their Visual Studio Subscription.

Non-developer products (such as SQL, Windows, SharePoint) downloaded from Visual Studio Subscriptions are eligible only for mainstream support. These products are only licensed for development environments to design, develop, test, or demonstrate applications. These products are not licensed for production environments.