Microsoft Services Hub Workspaces Overview

As part of a customer’s Microsoft Support agreement, they receive a single Services Hub workspace for managing their digital support experience. Many customers however require more segmentation inside their organization to meet the way they consume their Microsoft support. This capability allows customers to configure additional workspaces so they receive the granularity they require.


Workspaces are created by your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) or Account Coordinator (AC) as a way to separate your agreement based on the needs of your organization. Individual workspaces provide the following benefits:

  • Support case data is limited to the members of the workspace.
  • Each workspace can have its own administrator who is familiar with the goals of that workspace.
  • The Customer Activity page shows the aspects of the agreement which apply to that workspace; if you have the access to view multiple workspaces, you can select the All Workspaces filter and the Customer Activity page will show the aspect of the agreement which applies to the selected workspaces.

We recommend that you reach out to your CSAM or AC when your agreement starts. This will allow for your Services Hub experience to be tailored to your organization’s needs, without requiring users to reregister for additional workspaces.

Default Workspace

Once your support agreement with Microsoft becomes active, a default workspace is setup for your organization with no user intervention required. At that time, the Services Administrator and all named support contacts on the agreement will be invited to the workspace. These users can open cases and leverage the other benefits of the Services Hub immediately at that time.

If add-on support benefits were purchased as part of your agreement, please contact your CSAM or AC and request they add them to your workspace.

Creating Additional Workspaces

Additional workspaces can be created at any time during the agreement. Please contact your CSAM or AC to discuss the goals for the workspace. Once an additional workspace is created, a new Workspace Administrator is setup for the workspace. This user can then invite members from your organization to join the workspace and begin using your company’s support entitlements.

[NOTE!] A separate invitation is required for each Services Hub workspace. Services Hub workspaces that are associated with a Premier Support agreement will accept either Work or School accounts or Personal accounts. Services Hub workspaces that are associated with a Unified Support agreement will be configured to prevent using Personal accounts to sign in to the workspace by default. These workspaces can, however, be configured to allow Personal accounts to sign in if the customer either does not have Work or School accounts set up or otherwise determines that they would like to allow Personal accounts.

Information Segregation

While all information belonging to a customer is defined by their single agreement, each Services Hub workspace displays user data independently, based on the members of the workspace.