Add a sample site to your tenant

Discover the modern experiences you can build with Microsoft SharePoint. Use the SharePoint look book and integrated provisioning service to find inspiring samples of communication sites and team sites that look great on the web and on mobile devices. Then, add one or more sample sites to your tenant. You can customize the sample to use for your own site or use the site for learning or showing to your colleagues. You can do this all with the SharePoint look book and the integrated SharePoint provisioning service.

What's included in a sample? You'll get:

  • A modern communication or team site, depending on the sample you choose
  • A site home page with sample branding, web parts, content, and images
  • Sample news posts and pages
  • Sample navigation

Get started

Select a sample you like

Browse the samples in the online SharePoint look book.

Lookbook main

Select a sample to learn more about it. You’ll see the site features, web parts used, and content included. To show you how to use these features, links are provided to a help topic for each feature and its web part(s) in the list.

After you've decided on the sample you want to use in your tenant, near the bottom of the page, select Add to your tenant. To use this service, you'll need to be signed in as a Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator in Microsoft 365.

Lookbook 1

Enter your information

Next, enter your email address (for a notification of when your site is ready to use), the title you want to use for your site, and the site URL you want to use.

Prov form1

Start provisioning

Select Provision, and in a short time your site will be ready for you to use. How will you know? You’ll get an email (sent to the email address you provided on the form above) like this:

PRov form2

Open and explore your site

Select Open site, and you’ll see your sample site and content in your tenant!

Prov site

From here, you can explore the site and edit the pages and content.

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