SharePoint list webhooks

The SharePoint list webhooks cover the events corresponding to list item changes for a given SharePoint list or a document library. SharePoint webhooks provide a simple notification pipeline so your application can be aware of changes to a SharePoint list without polling the service.


Task HTTP method
Create a new subscription POST /_api/web/lists('list-guid')/subscriptions
Get subscriptions GET /_api/web/lists('list-guid')/subscriptions
Delete a subscription DELETE /_api/web/lists('list-guid')/subscriptions('id')
Update a subscription PATCH /_api/web/lists('list-guid')/subscriptions('id')

List event types

Notifications are sent to your application for the following asynchronous list item events in SharePoint:

  • ItemAdded
  • ItemUpdated
  • ItemDeleted
  • ItemCheckedOut
  • ItemCheckedIn
  • ItemUncheckedOut
  • ItemAttachmentAdded
  • ItemAttachmentDeleted
  • ItemFileMoved
  • ItemVersionDeleted
  • ItemFileConverted

Synchronous events are not supported in webhooks.

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