SharePoint Developer Community - Open-source projects

There are numerous open-source projects that are coordinated by the SharePoint PnP initiative. These are open-source, community-driven initiatives that are still closely involved with SharePoint engineering, but are not part of the standard product or service offerings.

Repository Description
SharePoint Starter kit A starter kit for showing how to extend modern experiences in SharePoint Online by extending them with modern extensibility options.
SharePoint Provisioning Service templates Tenant templates used by the SharePoint Provisioning Service to easily provision sample content and structures demonstrating what's possible with modern SharePoint experiences.
CLI for Microsoft 365 A cross-platform command-line interface (CLI) that allows users on any platform to manage their Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Framework projects.
Office 365 Developer PnP Core Component An extension component that encapsulates commonly used remote CSOM/REST operations as reusable extension methods on out-of-the box CSOM objects.
PnP PowerShell cmdlets Allow you to perform complex provisioning and artifact management actions for SharePoint. The commands use CSOM and can work against both SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint on-premises.
PnP remote provisioning schema Designed to be used as remote creation instructions for the remote provisioning engine for Office 365.
SharePoint Modernization tooling and guidance Tools like page transformation (classic page to modern page) and a modernization scanner do make it easy to move your classic sites into the modern SharePoint world.
PnPjs A fluent JavaScript API for consuming SharePoint and Office 365 REST APIs in a type-safe way.
PnP SPFx Yeoman Generator Open-source Yeoman generator which extends out-of-the-box Yeoman generator.
SharePoint Framework reusable property pane controls Can be used in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions.
SharePoint Framework reusable react controls Can be used in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions.
Visual Studio extension for SharePoint Framework Projects that you can use with Visual Studio 2015 or 2017.

Supportability of open-source projects

The following statements apply across all of the SharePoint development (PnP) samples, reusable solutions, controls, and core components, and even the more polished solutions, such as the GDPR Activity Hub or the PnP provisioning engine:

  • PnP guidance and samples are created by Microsoft and the community.
  • PnP guidance and samples are maintained by Microsoft and the community.
  • PnP uses supported and recommended techniques.
  • PnP implementations are reviewed and approved by Microsoft engineering.
  • PnP is an open source initiative by the community – people who work on the initiative for the benefit of others, and have their normal day job as well.
  • PnP is NOT a product, and therefore it’s not supported by Premier Support or other official support channels.
  • PnP is supported in similar ways as other open source projects done by Microsoft with support from the community by the community.
  • There are numerous partners that utilize PnP within their solutions for customers. Support for this is provided by the Partner. When PnP material is used in deployments, we recommend being clear with your customer/deployment owner on the support model.