Develop Access web apps

Learn how Microsoft Access 2013 makes it easy to create, deploy, and manage collaborative web-based applications on premise or in the cloud.


Microsoft Access 2013 is designed to simplify web development in the same manner that it did in previous eras of Windows development. Access 2013 is designed to enable subject matter experts to quickly create an application that can be used to run their business.

What's new in Access 2013

Access 2013 features a new application model that is designed to allow users to create data-centric web applications. Users with little or no programming experience often need to quickly build an application that addresses their business needs and share it with their colleagues, friends, or family. Access 2013 offers users an interactive method that can be used to get up and running quickly with by creating tables and forms that are based on the selected criteria.

Access 2013 uses Microsoft SharePoint to host the front end of your application while it is using SQL Server for data storage. Access 2013, through the Office 365 and SQL Azure services, provides a method to deploy an Access application to the Internet. Sharing an Access 2013 app is as easy as sending the URL of the app to the intended users.

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Creating an Access 2013 application

Unlike many of the SharePointapplication services, Access Services 2013 doesn't expose an API that you can use to develop Access apps in Visual Studio. Access 2013 is the environment that you use to develop Access 2013 apps.

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