Apply a master page to a site in SharePoint


This extensibility option is only available for classic SharePoint experiences. You cannot use this option with modern experiences in SharePoint Online, like with communication sites. We do not recommend using classic experience or these branding techniques anymore.

Learn how to map a master page to a SharePoint site.

Mapping a master page to a site

In SharePoint, a master page defines the shared framing elements such as the chrome for all pages in your site. After a master page is created, it can be mapped to a site. This could be for all publishing pages designated for all users, or for the administrative pages used for site maintenance. Alternatively, if you are configuring a child site of a parent site, you can inherit the master page from the parent. This article provides the steps to map a created master page to a site, inherit the master page from a parent site, or map a master page to a specific device channel.


For more information about Design Manager and master pages, see Overview of Design Manager in SharePoint. For more information about how to create device channels, see SharePoint Design Manager device channels.

To map a master page to a SharePoint site

  1. In Site Settings for the designated site, under the Look and Feel section, choose Master Page.


    If the Master Page link is not there, you need to enable the publishing feature with these steps. Navigate to Site Settings | Site Collection Administration | Site Collection Features. Scroll down to the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature and press Activate.

  2. On Site Master Page Settings, select one of the two options for the Site Master Page or System Master Page sections:

  • Inherit site master page from parent site Choose this option if you are configuring a child SharePoint site and want to use the parent master page.


    If you are working on the top-level parent site this option is unavailable.

  • Specify a master page to be used by this site and all sites that inherit from it Choose this option if you want to map a specific master page to the site, or if you want to map a specific master page for administrative pages. A drop-down box named Default or All Channels is available for you, depending on your site or system configuration, so you can select a specific master page stored in the master page gallery. Select the desired master page from the drop-down box.


    If you have any device channels configured, there are additional drop-down boxes available for additional master page mapping options.

  1. Choose OK.

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