Removing Excel Interactive View from a webpage

The Excel Interactive View feature has been disabled. If you have inserted an Excel Interactive View into your webpage, you can remove it by removing the <script> tag and the placeholder <a> tags for the button from the HTML of your webpage.

To remove the <script> tag, search for and delete the following HTML.

<script src=";amp;kip=1" type="text/javascript"></script>

To remove the placeholder <a> tags, find tags that are located directly before any

elements in your HTML. Because tags are customizable, parse your HTML for the first part of the string to find all the instances of the button.

<a href="#" name="MicrosoftExcelButton" data-xl-tableTitle="" data-xl-buttonStyle="Standard" data-xl-fileName="Book1" data-xl-attribution="" ></a>


We encourage you to embed Excel into your webpages as an alternative.

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