SharePoint Design Manager branding and design capabilities


This extensibility option is only available for classic SharePoint experiences. You cannot use this option with modern experiences in SharePoint Online, like with communication sites. We do not recommend using classic experience or these branding techniques anymore.

Find links to information about using Design Manager branding and design capabilities in SharePoint. Design Manager in SharePoint provides a new approach for designing websites. Several new branding and design-based capabilities available in Design Manager enable you to create a compelling look, feel, and behavior for your SharePoint site. Design Manager also supports importing and exporting a visual design, and can help you ensure a consistent visual experience across all device platforms in your organization.

See these articles for more information about the design and support capabilities included in Design Manager:

  • Design packages: Learn how to build and export the visual design of a SharePoint site collection as a package.

  • Device channels: With device channels in SharePoint, you can render a single publishing site in multiple ways by using different designs that target different devices. Learn how to create a device channel, change a device channel, delete a device channel, and reorder device channels in SharePoint.

  • Display templates: Learn about display templates, including how they relate to Search web parts, how the templates are structured, how to map properties and use variables and jQuery, and how to create a custom display template in SharePoint.

  • Image renditions: Learn how to create, edit, or delete image renditions. An image rendition defines the dimensions that are used to display images in SharePoint publishing sites.

  • Snippets: A snippet is an HTML representation of a SharePoint component or control such as a navigation bar or a web part. By using the Snippet Gallery in Design Manager, you can quickly add SharePoint functionality to your HTML master page or page layout.

  • Themes: Learn about the theming experience in SharePoint and how you can use themes to customize the look and feel of sites.

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