Social and collaboration features in SharePoint

Learn about social and collaboration features in SharePoint and development scenarios for My Sites, team sites, and Community Sites.

Social and collaboration features in SharePoint

The social and collaboration features on My Sites, team sites, and Community Sites in SharePoint make it easy for users to find and connect with the people and content that matter to them and to share information and ideas.

My Site and team site features in SharePoint

On My Site and team sites, the interactive newsfeed can help users keep current with people and content through real-time microblog messages and status updates. My Site also acts as a central location where users can track their tasks and access the documents and sites they are following. See Get started developing with social features in SharePoint to learn about SharePoint APIs that you can use to develop with My Site features.

Community Site features in SharePoint

People can use the rich, forum-like experience in Community Sites to find and share information and ideas, find people with similar interests, and build reputation. You use SharePoint site and list APIs directly to extend Community Site features because the Community Site feature doesn't expose a specific API. We describe development scenarios for Community Sites in What's new for developers in social and collaboration features.

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