WebTemplate element (PropertiesDefinition complexType)

(SharePoint Add-in Manifest)

Applies to: SharePoint Add-ins | SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

The web template to use when creating an add-in web.


The string app appears as part of or all of some element, attribute, and file names because SharePoint Add-ins were originally called "apps for SharePoint." To ensure backward compatibility, the schemas have not been changed.

Element information

Resource File
Element type WebTemplateDefinition
Namespace http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/2012/app/manifest
Schema file appmanifest.xsd


<xs:element name="WebTemplate"

Elements and attributes

If the schema defines specific requirements, such as sequence, minOccurs, maxOccurs, and choice, see the definition section.

Parent elements

Element Type Description
Properties PropertiesDefinition Contains information that is global to the add-in.

Child elements



Attribute Type Required Description Possible values
FeatureId (obsolete) GUID optional The Id of the Feature that contains the WebTemplate. Obsolete. Do not use. Values of the GUID type.
Id WebTemplateIdDefinition required The Id of the WebTemplate that should be used when creating the add-in web. This type is a string of the form {hyphenated\_GUID}#web\_template_name <br ><br >The hyphenated_GUID is the GUID of the add-in web Feature that contains the WebTemplate Element (Web Template) that defines the site type of the add-in web. <br ><br >The web_template_name is the value of the Name attribute of that WebTemplate Element (Web Template). Note that the braces {} and the # are mandatory.