SharePoint Framework v1.16.1 release notes

This is a minor bump that fixes the issues around SharePoint Framework solution packaging, provides improved default scaffolding and few other minor regressions which were in the previously released 1.16 version.

Released: November 30, 2022


This page addresses details related to a specific SPFx release version. This page doesn't include additional SPFx prerequisites that must be installed in order to develop SPFx solutions, including Node.js, Yeoman, and other tools.

To learn more about these prerequisites, see Set up your SharePoint Framework development environment.

Install the latest version

Install the latest release of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) by including the @latest tag:

npm install @microsoft/generator-sharepoint@next --global

Upgrading projects from v1.16 to v1.16.1

  1. In the project's package.json file, identify all SPFx v1.16 packages. For each SPFx package:
    1. Uninstall the existing v1.16 package:

      npm uninstall @microsoft/{spfx-package-name}@1.16
    2. Install the new v1.16 package:

      npm install @microsoft/{spfx-package-name}@latest --save --save-exact


The CLI for Microsoft 365 provides an easy step-by-step guidance to upgrade your solutions to latest SharePoint Framework version.

New features and capabilities

Promoting config/sass.json file

Starting with this version, there will be a config/sass.json file in all scaffolded solutions. Developers can use this file to customize or adjust the SASS task used by SPFx build routing to process SASS files. This file is not required and can be removed if not needed.

Fixed Issues

Here's a list of specific issues fixed around SharePoint Framework since the previous public release.

  • #8599 - SPFx 1.16.0 webpart final package size is almost 4x larger compared to 1.15.2
  • #8549 - webpart in viva connection unexpected link behaviour issue
  • #8550 - SPFx application customizer no longer works on modern Site Contents page
  • #8489 - SPFx Web Part Dependencies not loaded correctly any more (relative-path.invalid Network Error)
  • #8458 - SharePointFullPage loses expand button for users without edit permissions