SharePoint Framework v1.18.2 release notes

This is a minor release that introduces a support for Yeoman generator v5, which is the latest and default version of the Yeoman.

Released: November 21, 2023


This page addresses details related to a specific SPFx release version. This page doesn't include additional SPFx prerequisites that must be installed in order to develop SPFx solutions, including Node.js, Yeoman, and other tools.

To learn more about these prerequisites, see Set up your SharePoint Framework development environment.

Install the latest version

Install the latest release of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) by including the @latest tag:

npm install @microsoft/generator-sharepoint@latest --global

Upgrading projects from v1.18 to v1.18.2

In the project's package.json file, identify all SPFx packages. For each SPFx package:

  1. Uninstall the existing packages:

    npm uninstall @microsoft/{spfx-package-name}
  2. Install the new v1.18.2 package:

    npm install @microsoft/{spfx-package-name}@latest --save --save-exact


The CLI for Microsoft 365 provides an easy step-by-step guidance to upgrade your solutions to latest SharePoint Framework version.

New features and capabilities

Adding support of Yeoman generator v5.x

Version 5 of the Yeoman generator was released on 14th of November. SharePoint Framework default packages did not however worked with this latest version and this issue was reported in the SPFx issue list with #9328.

There was a simple workaround to install specifically the version 4.3.1 version, but to make things easier, we wanted to provide an update to avoid any complexity on getting started with the SharePoint Framework development for Microsoft 365.


Version 1.18.2 is a small release with a limited new capability to streamline the developer experience and ensure the support for latest and default version of the Yeoman generator. If you find any issues or have other feedback on the provided capabilities, report them at the SPFx issue list. Thank you for your input advance.