Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extension Quick View samples

You can find 12 different quick view samples for the Viva Connections Adaptive Card extensions provided by Microsoft. These samples can be used for inspiration on how the quick views could look like. Samples can be reused and copied to your own solutions.


Sample adaptive card designs for the quick views are available from GitHub

News and article listing

Design for presenting news and company updates with numerous referenced articles or posts. This design is for showcasing quick view design option with the Viva Connections dashboard.

Benefits sample

Event schedule

Design for listing two day event schedule in a tab with optionally visible form for the attendee registration.

Events sample

FAQ accordion

Design for showing Frequently Asked Questions in Accordion style.

FAQ sample

Design for presenting product information in image carousel style format.

Image Carousel

Inventory details

Design for presenting inventory details from warehouse.

Screenshot of a sample inventory details card from a warehouse, showing Distribution center number 73's top selling items.


Design for showing payslip details in adaptive card format.

Screenshot of payslip details populating in an adaptive card format.

Simple list with praise information

Design for showing simple list of people in praise scenario.

Screenshot of a card reading Send praise to your colleagues.

Team calendar

Design for showing calendar format and upcoming team events.

Screenshot of the sample team calendar, showing upcoming team events for October 2021.

Timeline events

Design for showing a timeline with upcoming events.

Screenshot of a sample timeline event card, showing the Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve events in 2021.

Vacation / time off

Design for showing current balance on the time off days and a form to submit a request for a vacation.

Time off

Vaccination booster appointment booking

Design for booking vaccination booster appointment with images and a submission form.

Screenshot of the Living Well Health Center and Pharmacy providing information on scheduling a free COVID-19 booster appointment.

Visual list with cafeteria menu scenario

Design for a visual list with the cafeteria scenario details, including two tab presentation.

Visual List