Make the search results look great

Presenting the search results the right way makes content easier to find for users.

SharePoint has both a classic and a modern search experience, where Microsoft Search in SharePoint is the modern search experience. Learn about the differences between the search experiences in SharePoint.

If you're responsible for search in your organization, you can customize how results are presented on classic search results pages. Read about how you can use the search web parts in SharePoint to make it easier for users find what they're looking for in the classic search experience.

Manage the Search Center

A Search Center is a classic site where users can enter search queries and view search results. Learn more.

Specify the default Search Center URL

Choose where searches should go by specifying the URL of your default Search Center. Learn more.

Specify the Search Center URL for a site or subsite

For each site or subsite, you can specify the URL of the Search Center where you want the search results from the site to be displayed. Learn more.

The Search Box Web Part

The Search Box Web Part shows a text box where users can enter words or phrases to search for information. Learn more.

The Search Results Web Part

The Search Results Web Part shows the search results of a query that was entered in a Search Box Web Part. Change settings for the Search Results Web Part

The Search Navigation Web Part

The Search Navigation Web Part lets users move quickly between search verticals, for example between People and Videos. Learn more.

The Refinement Web Part

The Refinement Web Part filters search results into categories called refiners. The refiners help users drill into the search results to find what they're looking for. About configuring the Refinement Web Part.

The Content Search Web Part

When visitors browse to a page that contains a Content Search Web Part, the Web Part automatically issues a query. The search results are displayed within the Web Part. Configure a Content Search Web Part in SharePoint.

Use result types and display types to change how search results look

To help users quickly distinguish between different types of results, you can use result types and display templates to show important information directly in the search results. Users don't have to click on each result to see if they've found what they're looking for. Learn more.