Updated Product Servicing Policy for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

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While in support, Microsoft releases new Public Update (PU) builds for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition each month which contain the latest functionality, performance, and stability improvements for the product.

Policy overview

To ensure that customers have a high-quality experience, Microsoft is adopting the following product servicing policy for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition:

  • The RTM build and all PUs for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition released before January 10, 2023 will be supported until December 12, 2023.
  • Starting with the January 10, 2023 PU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, each PU build will be supported for one year from its release date.
  • Support for a PU build ends on the second Tuesday of the same month of its release in the following year.
  • To remain supported, you must be running a supported build of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.
  • If you contact the Microsoft Support team and your SharePoint Server farm isn't running the minimum supported build or higher of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, you might be required to upgrade to a supported build before the Microsoft Support team can offer any further assistance.

The product servicing policy timeline for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is described in the following table:

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Build Release Date Support End Date
RTM (16.0.14326.20450) 11/2/2021 12/12/2023
December 2021 PU - December 2022 PU 12/14/2021-12/13/2022 12/12/2023
January 2023 PU 1/10/2023 1/9/2024
February 2023 PU 2/14/2023 2/13/2024
March 2023 PU 3/14/2023 3/12/2024
April 2023 PU 4/11/2023 4/9/2024
Future PUs Release Date Release Date + 1 Year (second Tuesday of the Month)