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Configure enterprise search in SharePoint Server

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Enterprise search finds the information that's most relevant to an organization's customers, employees, and partners. Enterprise search empowers them to take action and drive business outcomes.

SharePoint Server 2019 has both a classic and a modern search experience. Both search experiences use the same search index to find search results, and some settings can impact both experiences. Learn about the differences between the search experiences in SharePoint Server.

The following articles reflect the steps to get started with enterprise search in SharePoint Server. The articles are available to view online and writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.

Create and configure a Search service application in SharePoint Server The Search service application crawls content and provides search results. You can either create it as part of a new deployment of SharePoint Server, or as needed.
Create a Search Center site in SharePoint Server The Search Center is one classic search interface where users submit search queries and view search results.
Deploy people search in SharePoint Server In classic search, People search lets users get information about people in the organization and get links to the documents that they have authored.