Check OneDrive site eligibility for increased storage

If you need more Microsoft OneDrive storage than the default 5 TB, the Microsoft 365 administrator in your organization can check if you are eligible for an increased storage limit. You must already have filled 90% of the 5 TB storage before requesting an increase.

Note: You must contact your Microsoft 365 administrator to request a storage limit increase.

Admins can request Microsoft to increase the default storage space up to 25 TB per user, although a lower per-user quota can be set at their discretion. Microsoft 365 administrators can verify a user's eligibility and then request the increase by using the following steps:


This diagnostic isn't available for the GCC High or DoD environments, or for Microsoft 365 operated by 21Vianet, or for Microsoft Education customers.

  1. Select Run Tests below, which will populate the diagnostic in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

  2. In the Run diagnostics section, type or paste the User Principle Name (UPN) of the user whose OneDrive storage limit needs to be increased, and then select Run Tests.

    Screenshot of the Need Help window says we understand you want to increase OneDrive storage beyond 5 TB.

  3. If the tests detect that the user's OneDrive site can be upgraded to exceed the 5 TB quota, select Update Settings for the diagnostic to process the increase.

    Screenshot of the Need Help window says your tenant is not configured to increase a user's OneDrive quota beyond 5 TB.

  4. After the user's OneDrive storage limit is increased, you can set a different limit for the user's storage space from the Microsoft 365 admin center or SharePoint Online Management Shell. For more information, see Change a specific user's OneDrive storage space.


Users who reach at least 90 percent of their 25 TB capacity of OneDrive storage will be provided additional cloud storage in the form of a 25 TB SharePoint team site. For more information and assistance, contact Microsoft Support.


For more information about the storage that’s available for Microsoft 365 subscriptions, see the OneDrive service description.