Migration Assessment Scan: Customized Profile Pages

Learn how to mitigate issues with Customized Profile pages during migration.


In the source environment, viewing a user's profile is managed by a page hosted in the My Site Host named Person.aspx. For example, selecting a colleague's name in a document library or from their Microsoft OneDrive will take you to the person.aspx page to view the user's profile.

After migration to the target environment, the profile experience is managed by the Delve service. There's currently a limitation in that the Delve profile page can't be modified. This scan report shows you any customizations that have been made to the Person.aspx page in the source environment. This data can be used to understand any impact with the move to the target environment regarding the profile experience.

To learn more, see: How can I find people and information in Microsoft Delve?

Preparing for Migration

Understand any customizations made to the Person.aspx page in the source environment, and investigate whether there's any impact with the move to the new Delve profile experience. The new experience solves most of the scenarios that resulted in customization on the previous platform.

Post Migration

Validate the profile experience on the new platform.

Scan Result Reports

CustomizedProfilePages_<Date>_<Time>.csv This scan report shows whether the Person.aspx profile page has been modified in SharePoint Designer, or if any of the web parts have been added, deleted, or moved on the page.

Column Description
DisplayTitle Display title of the web part. If the page was modified, there will be a row with DisplayTitle of "Profile Page".
WebPart Type of web part.
Scope One of the following: • Page - The page was modified in SharePoint Designer • SharedWebPart - A Shared Web Part was added, deleted, or moved • UserWebPart - A User Web Part was added, deleted, or moved
Difference The piece of information that was flagged as a change. This could be a combination of the following:
Added Web Part
Web Part Zone
Web Part Order
Web Part Missing
Page modified in SharePoint Designer