Step 2: Scan and assess file shares

File shares are scanned automatically once you add a source. Once the scans are complete, download the generated reports and logs to investigate any possible issues that might block your migration.


Two additional endpoints are required for the Scan feature. If you are not able to scan, check this list to make sure you have enabled these endpoints: Required endpoints.

A table summary appears at the top to give you an at-a-glance overview of your users and content size.

File share scan summary.

Reviewing the scan results

  1. Select Add source path

    Add sourcepath task.

  2. Review the scanned file shares. Search for specific text, or select a filter to review the list more easily.

  3. Select Add source path if you want to scan additional file shares.

    Fileshare scan list.


Only agents in the Default agent group can be scheduled. If you have a file share scan that is stuck with the status of "Queued", and it never is scheduled to an agent, follow the steps here: Scan task stuck in "queued" status

Download summary report and scan log

  1. From the menu bar, select Download summary report to have a local copy of the summary view.
  2. Highlight a single row and select Download scan log from the menu bar, to troubleshoot the details of individual files.


Migration Manager Box isn't available for users of Office 365 operated by 21Vianet in China.

This feature is also not supported for users of the Government Cloud, including GCC, Consumer, GCC High, or DoD.