Setting up your source: Box


Mover is now retired for all Admin led migrations. The ability to migrate from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Egnyte has been fully integrated into Migration Manager. For full details see: Mover retirement timeline. Migration Manager does not support the migration of Amazon S3 or Azure blob storage.

All FastTrack-led migrations have transitioned to Migration Manager.

Tenant to tenant migration. Cross-tenant OneDrive migration is now available outside of Migration Manager. Learn more here: Cross-tenant OneDrive migration.

A cross tenant migration solution for SharePoint is currently being developed and in private preview. To learn more, see How to participate in the Cross-tenant SharePoint migration preview.


Role changes from Box to Office 365

When moving from Box to OneDrive for Business, user roles on folders change. Mover doesn't explicitly set a user as an owner of data during a migration.

Ownership of files and folders is always implicitly set by virtue of copying data into a user in OneDrive for Business.

Box to OneDrive for Business role comparison chart


Mover only sets permissions on folders.

Should we disable our Box accounts?

Disabling employee access to their Box accounts mitigates any risk of them accessing data after the migration takes place.

This practice:

  1. Keeps their Box accounts for a few weeks before deleting them.
  2. Keeps their Box data available in read-only format.

Think of your employees' needs and what works best for the team.

What happens to Box Notes?

Our app will automatically convert Box Notes to Word Document.

Locked files

We automatically unlock locked Box files and download them.

The file(s) remain unlocked after this process, so if you want to relock the files, you must do so from Box directly.

Disable email notifications

In Box, there are settings to notify users when downloads occur for content they own. This can equate to spam during a migration because our app downloads all their files.

When logged in as a Box admin, disable this setting from:

disable download box

Box data reporting

We've found that Box occasionally has hiccups with reporting storage quotas in their service. If you discover that there's a discrepancy between what we are reporting and what Box's dashboard and/or reporting informs you, you must contact their support team and ask them to refresh/recalculate the storage quotas on your account (frequently, you need to escalate this beyond their first-level support).

For more info about this issue, see here and here.

Authorizing Box (Co-Admin)

Authorizing Box as an Administrator or a Co-Administrator is straightforward. To authorize or add a Multi-User Box account as a connector, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Add Mover as a Custom Application.

    Custom apps

  2. Select Authorize New App.

    Box coadmin auth

  3. Enter the API Key: 7ypzdr66s3m80h3hutop34u7yml8928x

  4. Select Next.

    Box co-admin authorization 2

  5. In the new window, select Authorize to authorize our app.

    Box co-admin authorization 3

  6. In the Mover app, return to the Transfer Wizard, and select Authorize New Connector.

    Clear auth

  7. In the Connector list, find Box (Co-Admin).

  8. Select Authorize.

    Box co-admin connector list

    A new window (tab) opens.

  9. Name your Connector <optional>.

    Box co-admin name connector

  10. Select Authorize again.

  11. If you aren't logged in, to grant access, you can use either your Box credentials, or an SSO account.

    Log into grant access to box

  12. To grant our app access to your Box account, select Allow.

    grant access to box

You should now be connected to Box with Co-Admin authorization!

Troubleshooting a Box (Co-Admin) connector

App Permissions

Your organization may default all apps to disabled. See the following quick guide about how to ensure our app is enabled.

  1. Under Enterprise Settings, navigate to Apps. Here's a shortcut link:

    enterprise settings

  2. In the Recommended Apps section, ensure "Enable for third party apps that are Added by Default only" is checked.

    box third party settings

  3. Under Individual Application Controls, navigate to our app.

  4. Select Available.

    enterprise app available

Unable to sign in to Box

If you're unable to sign in to Box, you may have turned on the option to Disable unpublished apps by default without providing the two App IDs required.

  1. Under Global app settings, look for the setting Disable unpublished apps by default. By default, this setting is turned off. screen showing disable unpublished apps option default off

  2. If you have turned on this setting, you need to enter the following two App IDs in the Except for box.


screen showing disable unpublished apps option on

Box permission requirements

For authorization, our app requires an Administrator or Co-Administrator. The following table lists the scopes we require:

Permission (Details) Allows our app to...
Read and write all files and folders stored in Box Read, create, update, and overwrite data in Box.
Manage Enterprise Manage any data found in the authorized Box directory.
Admin can make calls on behalf of Users Grants permission for our app to contact Box servers on behalf of users' accounts.
Admin or coadmin can make calls for any content in their enterprise Grants our app permission to contact Box servers on behalf of administrators or coadministrators regarding any data found in your business's Box directory.

Removing app access

Deleting or disabling the account used to Authorize Box (Co-Admin) doesn't remove our app's access to Box.

To remove our app's access to Box:

  1. On the Box Admin Console, under Enterprise Settings, navigate to the Apps panel.

    • Scroll down to Custom Applications.

    • Select ..., and in the dropdown menu, select Disable app authorization.

    remove box access


    To delete a custom app, you must contact Box.

Connecting your source Box account

If you aren't already connected after you have authorized your source, select Box, and load the connector. An icon appears, and shows you how many users you're migrating.

execution select box source