SPMT supported SharePoint web parts


Allow or prevent Custom Script (NoScript)

With Microsoft 365 tenants, you can control whether users can run custom script on personal sites and self-service created sites.

During migration, some web parts require this setting set to allow. Otherwise, the web part will not be migrated.

At least 24 hours before you start migration, do the following:

  1. From the SharePoint Admin Center, select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to "Custom Script".
  3. If using the modern experience, click on Go to the classic settings page
  4. Select both of the following:
    • Allow users to run custom script on personal sites
    • Allow users to run customer script on self-service created sites

Leave these settings in place for the duration of your migration.

Changes to this setting might take up to 24 hours to take effect.

For more information, see: Allow or prevent custom script

The following table details the SharePoint web parts that are currently supported by the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT).

Category Web part name Supported
Blog Blog Archive Yes
Blog Blog notification Yes
Blog Blog tools Yes
Business Data Business Data Actions (Depends on BCS service) No
Business Data Business Data Connectivity Filter No
Business Data Business Data Item No
Business Data Business Data Item Builder No
Business Data Business Data List No
Business Data Business Data Related List No
Business Data KPI (Key performance indicators) No
Business Data Excel Web Access No
Business Data Indicator Details No
Business Data nn No
Business Data Visio Web Access No
Community Join Yes
Community Tools (community admin) Yes
Community About this community Yes
Community My membership Yes
Community What's happening Yes
Content Rollup Categories No
Content Rollup Project Summary Yes
Content Rollup Relevant Documents Yes
Content Rollup Site Aggregator Yes
Content Rollup Sites in category Yes
Content Rollup Table of contents Yes
Content Rollup Timeline Yes
Content Rollup WSRP viewer No
Content Rollup XML viewer Yes
Content Rollup Chart Viewer No
Content Rollup Content By Query Yes
Content Rollup Content Search No
Content Rollup Iview No
Content Rollup RSS Viewer Yes
Content Rollup Summary Link(s) Yes
Content Rollup Web analytics No
Content Rollup Term Property
Document Center Find By Document ID No
Document Set Document set contents No
Document Set Document set properties No
Filters Choice Filter Yes
Filters Current User filter Yes
Filters Date Filter Yes
Filters Page Field Filter Yes
Filters Query String Yes
Filters Text Filter Yes
Filters Apply Filter Yes
Filters Filter Actions No
Filters SharePoint List Filter Yes
Filters SQL server analysis services filters No
Forms HTML Form web part No
Forms InfoPath Form web part No
List List Form No
List Document library Yes
List List View Yes
Media and Content Media No
Media and Content Page Viewer Yes
Media and Content Picture Library SlideShow Yes
Media and Content Promoted Links No
Media and Content Content Editor Yes
Media and Content Getting Started Yes
Media and Content Image Viewer Yes
Media and Content Script Editor Yes
Media and Content SilverLight web Part Yes
Mysite My Site First Run Experience No
Mysite My Site Personal Site Upgrade On Navigation No
OutLook Outlook web access No
Performance Point Performance Point web parts No
Search Actions Links No
Search Advanced Search Box No
Search Best Bets No
Search Box Yes
Search Dual Chinese Search No
Search Featured Content No
Search Federated Results No
Search Paging No
Search People Search No
Search Refinement Script No
Search Related queries No
Search Result Script No
Search Search Navigation No
Search Statistics No
Search Taxonomy Refinement Panel No
Search-Driven Content Catalog-item reuse No
Search-Driven Content Items matching a tag No
Search-Driven Content Pages No
Search-Driven Content Pictures No
Search-Driven Content Popular items No
Search-Driven Content Recommended Items No
Search-Driven Content Videos No
Search-Driven Content Web Pages No
Search-Driven Content Wiki pages No
Sharing Shared With Me View No
Social Collaboration Announcement Yes
Social Collaboration Analytics Hash Tag Yes
Social Collaboration Contact Details Yes
Social Collaboration Micro Feed Yes
Social Collaboration Note Board Yes
Social Collaboration Organization Browser Yes
Social Collaboration Followed Counts No
Social Collaboration Site Feed Yes
Social Collaboration Site Users Yes
Social Collaboration Tag cloud No
Social Collaboration User Tasks Yes
SQL Server reporting Service Report Viewer No
XSLT XSlt Larges client No
XSLT XSlt Larges Image No
XSLT XSlt List View Yes