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  • Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen

    AI is suddenly everywhere. Do you need to go and get a shiny machine learning degree to remain competitive? John Maeda says not to worry. He’ll show you how to cook delicious dishes into your coding repertoire with his new show - Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen.

  • Introduction to GitHub CoPilot

    Find out how you can use GitHub Copilot, an add-on that is powered by AI, to get helpful suggestions when writing code or documentation. This series will show you how to use this technology in different ways to make you a better engineer.

  • Exam Readiness Zone

    Join our experts as they provide tips, tricks, and strategies for preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam. Our exam prep videos will help you identify the key knowledge and skills measured on the exam and how to allocate your study time. Each video segment corresponds to a major topic area on the exam. Our trainer will point out objectives that many test takers find difficult. In these videos, we include example questions and answers with explanations. We recommend that you watch these videos after you have completed training or had some practice.

  • C# 101

    In this first video of a full Intro to C# video series, Scott Hanselman and Kendra Havens review the basics of C# from building a simple Hello World application to knowing about Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft experts!

  • Open at Microsoft

    Open at Microsoft is a weekly show for open-source enthusiasts. It features a diverse group of guests including maintainers, software and DevOps engineers, and community members who come together to share their insights on an open-source project. Each episode focuses on one collaborative goal of the project, such as a new feature, release, or call for user feedback, and provides information on how to contribute to the project.

  • What I Wish I Knew

    Wonder what it's really like to work in tech? How to break into the field? What skills are important that they don't teach at school? Hear Microsoft employees share what they wish they had known when they were starting out. From data scientists to program managers, each person shares their experiences — from choosing a major, interviewing for jobs, finding their way in the workforce, and even managing failure.

Beginner's and Limited series

  • Beginner's Series to: Web APIs

    Our beginner's guide to building Web APIs with ASP.NET Core is designed to provide you with the foundation you need to start building Web APIs with .NET in a collection of short, pragmatic collection of videos. Web APIs have become a critical component in almost every type of software we use today.

  • Beginner's Series to: JavaScript

    Beginner's guide to JavaScript on Node.js. Learning a new framework or development environment is made even more difficult when you don't know the programming language. Fortunately, we're here to help! We've created this series of videos to focus on the core concepts of JavaScript.

  • Java for Beginners

    Thanks for checking out Microsoft's Java for beginner series! Microsoft employees from locations around the world have come together to share their knowledge of Java and highlight what you can do with this exceptional language.

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