Discover thousands of hours of fun, authentic, and informative original programming from Microsoft technical experts.

  • Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen

    AI is suddenly everywhere. Do you need to go and get a shiny machine learning degree to remain competitive? John Maeda says not to worry. He’ll show you how to cook delicious dishes into your coding repertoire with his new show - Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen.

  • Open at Microsoft

    Open at Microsoft is a weekly show for open-source enthusiasts. It features a diverse group of guests including maintainers, software and DevOps engineers, and community members who come together to share their insights on an open-source project. Each episode focuses on one collaborative goal of the project, such as a new feature, release, or call for user feedback, and provides information on how to contribute to the project.

  • In Real Life with Charlotte Yarkoni

    The Microsoft President of Commerce + Ecosystems, Charlotte Yarkoni, sits down with Microsoft colleagues to talk about everything except work. They will talk about passion projects, personal fulfillment efforts, and incredible endeavors.

  • Azure Enablement Show

    Watch the Azure Enablement Show, where we share technical advice, tips, and best practices to accelerate your cloud journey, build well-architected cloud apps, and optimize your solutions in Azure.

  • Learn Live

    It's right there in the name; We present Microsoft Learn content Live. Every episode we'll choose a Learn module and work through it. We'll pull in guests to give you extra commentary from experts and sometimes even the engineers who built it. Join us and ask questions, live!

  • Exam Readiness Zone

    Join our experts as they provide tips, tricks, and strategies for preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam. Our exam prep videos will help you identify the key knowledge and skills measured on the exam and how to allocate your study time. Each video segment corresponds to a major topic area on the exam. Our trainer will point out objectives that many test takers find difficult. In these videos, we include example questions and answers with explanations. We recommend that you watch these videos after you have completed training or had some practice.

Beginner's and Limited series

  • Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners

    Web APIs are designed to enable applications to interact with data and business logic and exchange information with other services over common internet protocols like HTTP. This course introduces the basic concepts behind ASP.NET, including; the hosting model, middlewares, and dependency injection. This course will also provide an overview of building HTTP-based services using minimal APIs.

  • Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners

    .NET makes front-end web development easy with Blazor, a modern front-end web framework based on HTML, CSS, and C#. In this video series we'll learn the basics of front-end web development with Blazor, including how to set up your development environment, create a new project, run & debug, and work with Blazor components.

  • Containers with .NET and Docker for Beginners

    Containers are a popular way of packaging and distributing applications in today’s Cloud Native landscape – but what are they, and how can .NET developers integrate them into their workflows? In this introductory series you’ll learn about Docker, Containers, and the tooling available in .NET to help make the whole process effortless!

  • Building Apps with XAML and .NET MAUI

    Welcome to the Building Apps with XAML and .NET MAUI series. Whether you are new to XAML or simply new to the XAML used in .NET MAUI, this series will show you how to start building a .NET MAUI app. In this episode, Paul provides an overview of XAML and how to build your first .NET MAUI app.


  • Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023

    Azure Cosmos DB Conf is a free virtual developer event co-organized by Microsoft and the Cosmos DB community. These sessions are a combination of Microsoft and community delivered.

  • .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI

    .NET Conf Focus on MAUI is a free, one-day livestream event that features speakers from the community and Microsoft teams working on and using .NET Multi-platform App UI. Learn how to build native apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows with a single codebase using .NET MAUI. Hear from the team building the .NET MAUI framework and tools, as well as experts building .NET MAUI apps, libraries, components, and controls.

  • PDC 2008

    The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is the definitive developer event focused on the technical strategy of the Microsoft developer platform. Attendees come from around the world to learn about the Microsoft developer platform directly from the people who make it happen. The PDC is for developers, architects and technology leaders who are involved in making strategic technology decisions for their company or organization.

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