What’s new in Computer Vision OCR

Computer Vision just updated its models with industry-leading models built by Microsoft Research. These models are tagging contents in an image with significantly more detail & accuracy, across more languages. 

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[00:16] Seth welcomes Sanjeev
[00:48] What is OCR?
[02:21] What's new to OCR? Multiple languages in same text line, handwritten and print, confidence thresholds and large documents!
[03:55] How Read operations works
[05:14] Demo - Read image as text
[07:05] Demo - Handwritten classification
[09:21] Demo - Mixed languages in same text selected pages extraction
[12:10] Seventy three languages supported by Read
[13:25] Demo - Text lines in Reading order
[15:49] Demo - OCR Applied (Form Recognizer) layouts and tables

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How to call the Read API https://aka.ms/AIShow/ReadAPIDoc
Install Read OCR Docker containers from Computer Vision https://aka.ms/AIShow/OCRDockerDoc

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