MR Speaker Series: Mixed Reality for Cultural Heritage

Zaid Zaim, Mixed Reality and HoloLens Evangelist is 22 years old from Syria. He came to Germany eight years ago due to the war in his country.
In 2017 he joined redi-school.org an NGO that supports refugees to get quality tech skills to join the German industry. ReDI School has expanded to four cities: Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen and NRW.

In 2019 Zaid started a Mixed Reality project for cultural heritage preservation. Volunteers from Microsoft & ReDI School supported him realizing his idea.

The project combines cultural heritage with modern Mixed Reality HoloLens 2 technology and demonstrates as an example the virtual reconstruction and preservation of the destroyed ancient (Palmyra UNESCO site in Syria) in the hope that people are interested in the culture and peaceful coexistence to motivate them for new Technologies and to invite people for future construction.

Zaid's vision is to raise historical awareness and motivation in the viewer by addressing different human senses with HoloLens 2 through different interaction possibilities.