AI Show Live | Creating and Donating Thousands of AI powered Audiobooks to Project Gutenberg

with Seth Juarez, Brendan Walsh, Mark Hamilton

In this episode Brendan Walsh and Mark Hamilton join Seth to showcase how their team worked with the largest free library of e-books, Project Gutenberg, to create thousands of high-quality free audiobooks using the SynapseML open-source library, Neural Text to Speech from the Cognitive Services, and Azure Synapse Analytics.


  • 00:00 - AI Show Begins
  • 00:16 - Welcome to the AI Show
  • 00:31 - Intros
  • 01:01 - What is Project Gutenberg and what does it have to do with AI
  • 04:49 - Using SynapseML and Apache Spark on Azure Synapse Analytics to generate audiobooks
  • 06:56 - Demo
  • 18:08 - Learn more
  • 21:00 - Wrap


Azure AI services
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Synapse Analytics