Bot Framework – Building awesome experiences in Microsoft Teams (Part 1 of 3)

In the first of a 3-part series focused on the Bot Framework, this episode looks at how the Bot Framework now makes it easier than ever to develop incredible engaging experiences in Microsoft Teams – from conversational bot through to Teams messaging extensions – and give you the information you need to get up and running with your own Teams bot in just a few minutes using the available Bot Framework samples.

[01:50] – Conversational Bot / TeamsActivityHandler Demo – A demo of a conversational bot in Microsoft Teams and how this is driven using the TeamsActivityHandler class.

[05:07] – Bot Framework Samples – A look at what samples are available in the Bot Framework Samples repo on GitHub for Teams bot development.

[06:25] – Teams Search Extension Demo / sample walkthrough – A look at what it takes to build a bot to power a Teams Search Extension and walking through the sample available in the samples repo on GitHub.

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