Find meaningful insights using semantic capabilities in Azure Cognitive Search

The new semantic search capability in Azure Cognitive Search uses Bing AI models to help you find the most relevant information. This will be a discussion on how you can enable your enterprise and customers to find the right information quickly by using an engine that understands the meaning of words, not just syntax/lexical analysis.
We'll explain how the system works, answer your questions, demo the capability and discuss its value. While we will use state of the art deep learning models, no prior machine learning background is required.

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[01:00] What is Azure cognitive search
[02:58] What's new in semantic search
[09:36] Leveraging Bing's state of the art deep neural networks through Azure
[11:01] Demo
[18:34] How to enable this for your service

Learn more:
Semantic Search Documentation https://aka.ms/semanticsearchdocs
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ACOM page https://aka.ms/AIShow/Search
Azure Blog https://aka.ms/AIShow/ApplyAIBlog
Semantic Search Blog: https://aka.ms/AIShow/SemanticSearchBlog
Azure Cognitive Search AMA Mar 10 9am pacific: https://aka.ms/AzureCognitiveSearchAMA
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