Quantum Machine Learning and Azure Quantum

Alex Bocharov, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Quantum Systems group and Chris Granade, Senior Research Software Development Engineer join Vadim Karpusenko to discuss the impact of Quantum Computing on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domains. Touching briefly on decade-old pioneering results in Quantum Machine Learning, the story switches to describe more recent technologies meant for near term generation of smaller "noisy" quantum computers. The second part of the interview showcases how you can get started using quantum machine learning with Q# and the QML library provided with the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit.

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  • [00:10] – Introducing Alex Bocharov : intro into Quantum Computing
  • [02:16] - What is the time horizons for Quantum Neural Networks in practice?
  • [02:52] - Desirable properties of the variational quantum circuits 
  • [06:00] – Introducing Chris Granade: How to use QC for ML/AI?
  • [06:50] - What does quantum development look like?
  • [08:45] – Do you need to learn Quantum gates to use Quantum Computing?
  • [11:05] – Executing Quantum code in Python Jupyter Notebook
  • [13:00] – Download is available at aka.ms/QML

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