“Snip Insights” An open source cross-platform AI tool for intelligent screen capture

Snip Insights is an open source desktop utility that enables cross-platform users to retrieve intelligent insights over a snip or screenshot. Screenshots are essentially snapshots of moments. Snip Insights leverages cloud AI services to convert images to translated text, automatically detect and tag image content, along with many smart image suggestions that improve workflows while showcasing Azure Cognitive Services’ potential. By combining a familiar tool with Cognitive Services, we have created a one-stop shop for all your image insights! Imagine that you have a scan of a textbook or work report. Rather than having to manually type out the information, snipping it will return editable text in just one click (using OCR), Or maybe you’re scrolling through your social media feed and come across someone wearing a cool pair of shoes, you can simply snip to find out where to purchase them. Snip Insights can show you relevant information based on what you’ve just snipped – including identifying famous people, and landmarks. It streamlines the process of screenshotting, saving the picture, uploading it to reverse image search engines, and then drawing results from there. It is so much smarter, isn’t it? Link- https://ailab.microsoft.com/experiments/32e85f94-3fdd-4a4b-b1ca-9f4cdf47feb6 AKA.MS link- http://aka.ms/snipinsights_ailab