Spektacom “Power Bat"

Introducing ‘power bats’, an innovative sensor-powered sticker that measures the quality of a player’s shot by capturing data and analyzing impact characteristics through wireless sensor technology and cloud analytics. This unique non-intrusive sensor platform weighing less than 5 grams is stuck behind the bat as a sticker to measure the quality, speed, twist and swing of the bat and the power transferred from the ball to bat at impact. These parameters are used to compute quality of the shot to help professional as well as amateur players, coaches and all stakeholders involved in the game to help improve a player’s performance with data-driven feedback. The data from the power bats is analyzed with powerful AI models developed in Azure and transferred to the edge for continuous feedback to the player. In the case of professional game, the sticker communicates using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with an edge device called Stump box that is buried behind the wicket. The data from the stump box is transferred and analyzed in Azure and shot characteristics are provided to broadcasters in real-time. Given that cricket stadiums have wireless access restrictions and stringent security requirements, to ensure secure communication between bat, edge device and Azure, Stump Box has been powered by Microsoft Azure Sphere based hardware platform. In case of amateur player scenario, the smart bat pairs with Spektacom mobile app to transfer and analyze sticker data in Azure. The solution is powered by Azure Sphere (Stump box), Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hub, Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure ML 2.0. Learn more on AI Lab- https://www.ailab.microsoft.com/experiments/ce508ed3-cea9-41eb-a08e-ab4727556f7b