Translate documents at scale and preserve formatting with Azure Translator

Check out this episode from our #MSBuild recap when Seth welcomed Krishna Doss back to the show to share the latest and greatest from Azure Translator, translating documents at scale and preserving formatting!

Jump to:
[00:17] Seth welcomes Krishna
[00:59] What's new in Azure Translator
[04:25] How it works
[05:26] Sample requests
[06:23] Source v. Translated docs
[06:45] Demo
[08:40] Developer experience
[09:33] Learn more

Learn more:
Document Translation user documentation https://aka.ms/AIShow/Translation/Doc 
Python Kit https://aka.ms/AIShow/PythonKit 
.NET Kit https://aka.ms/AIShow/NetKit 
Doc Translation in Translator https://aka.ms/AIShow/DocTranslationInTranslator
Translator Microsoft Azure Pricing https://aka.ms/AIShow/AzureTranslator/Pricing

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