What’s New in Text Analytics: Opinion Mining and Async API

In today's AI show, you will learn about the recently launched Opinion Mining and Async offerings of Text Analytics. In the first half, we will discuss how Opinion Mining (an extension of Sentiment Analysis) helps explore customers' perception of aspects/opinions, such as specific attributes of products or services, in text. In the second half, we will learn about the new Async capabilities of Text Analytics, which will allow bundling various skills of Text Analytics and also allows large amount of text up to 125K characters to be sent to Text Analytics via /analyze endpoint.

Jump To:

[00:55] - Introduction to Cognitive Services
[01:50] - Introduction to Text Analytics
[02:51] - Introduction to Opinion Mining
[04:39] - Introduction to Async API (/analyze)
[06:43] - Demo of Opinion Mining
[11:30] - Demo of Async API (/analyze)
[14:19] - Common scenarios of using Text Analytics
[16:57] - Getting started with Text Analytics
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