What's new with Speech: Custom Neural Voice now in GA

In this episode of the AI Show, Seth, Edward and Sarah talk about a recently GA'd feature called Custom Neural Voice.

Jump to:

[04:05] About Traditional TTS and Neural TTS
[05:20] Neural Voices samples
[06:10] About Custom Neural Voice (now in GA)
[08:30] Customer examples
[10:37] responsible AI considerations

Learn more:

Text-to-speech documentation https://aka.ms/AIShow/SpeechDocs
Build a natural custom voice for your brand blog https://aka.ms/AIShow/CNVblog
Apply for access to Custom Neural Voice https://aka.ms/AIShow/Apply
Read through the questions from the Feb 10 'Ask Microsoft Anything event' https://aka.ms/AzureAIAMA
Start your 30 day learning journey today https:///aka.ms/AIShow/Learn
Create a Free account (Azure)

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