Running an Online Conference using Microsoft Azure

In this episode Frank is with Andy Morell, an Microsoft MVP about how he led The Live Coders production team in producing several online conferences in 2020 using an infrastructure running in Azure.

In the first part of this video we will learn more about Andy, what's his specialty as MVP, how he became a developer and more

Andy will then explain how you can build a scalable and reliable solution using Ant Media Server Community Edition on Azure Virtual Machines. And explains where to find the required NVIDIA GPU drivers

In the last part of this episode Andy and Frank will explore a Microsoft Learn module named: Introduction to Azure virtual machines, perfect to get started with VMs in Azure. The challenge was send how did that module? Tag us @allaroundazure on Twitter and let us know.

📺 All Around Azure 042 - Andy Morell & Frank Boucher

Useful Links

🔗 Ant Media Server Community Edition Azure VM
🔗 Install NVIDIA GPU drivers on N-series VMs running Windows
🔗 Azure Advisor
🔗 10 Tips to Reduce your Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) Cost

Learn Module

💡 Introduction to Azure virtual machines

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