Ask the Expert: Build Modern Apps with Azure Front Door

with Henry Yan

Whether you’re delivering content and files or building global apps and APIs, Azure Front Door can help you deliver optimized experiences to your users wherever they are. In this session, learn and get your questions answered from Azure experts about Azure Front Door - a modern cloud CDN platform with intelligent threat protection and simple to understand pricing model, built on Microsoft’s massive-scale private global network.


  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 02:19 - What is the difference between the new Azure Front Door and the classic Azure Front Door version?
  • 04:30 - How do I choose among the various Microsoft CDN services? What criteria should I consider?
  • 08:33 - Can you describe how I can integrate the new Azure Front Door SKU with private VNET services?
  • 10:20 - What are the differences between the two Azure Front Door tiers and when would I choose which tier?
  • 12:15 - What's 'new' about the new Azure Front Door?
  • 17:00 - What are some of the use cases you see with customers using Azure Front Door?
  • 22:45 - Can you tell me more about the simplified integration with app services?
  • 26:52 - How can leveraging the global network benefit performance and scalability of applications using Azure Front Door?
  • 28:15 - Closing notes