Ask the Expert: Notebooks in VS Code

We've revamped Notebooks in VS Code! Come join the conversation as we chat with Product Manager Claudia Regio and Principal Software Engineer Rich Chiodo about how the new notebook editor and complimentary features will improve your data science workflow. Ready to learn more? https://aka.ms/ATEResources-NotebooksInVSCode


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:01 - What is Jupyter Notebook in VS Code?
  • 13:52 - How about being able to selectively collect cells? Is it better to use Gather first to a new notebook and then export?
  • 17:04 - What's the best way to share a Notebook?
  • 21:03 - What's coming next?
  • 23:56 - What's your favorite existing feature from Notebook in VS Code?
  • 25:32 - Do we have support for code snippets?
  • 26:31 - What's the biggest advantage from the fact that each little editor component of the cell behaves like its own file?
  • 27:36 - Closing Notes