Ask the Expert: Rust at Microsoft

You may have heard developers talking about the Rust programming language, but maybe you're not sure what it's all about. In this session, Ryan Levick and Nell Shamrell-Harrington will talk through what the Rust programming language is all about and why it's becoming more and more relevant to companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. If you're still hungry for more, check out the related resources here


  • [00:00] - Introduction
  • [00:52] - What is Rust?
  • [02:23] - Why would you want to program with Rust?
  • [04:04] - What's the role of Rust at Microsoft?
  • [06:27] - When will Rust finally get full UWP support? How to best get started until there's full UWP support for Rust?
  • [09:24] - Is learning Rust hard?
  • [12:31] - What is Microsoft's role likely to be, being a founding member of the Rust Foundation?
  • [13:54] - What are the best ways to learn Rust?
  • [19:09] - What are some new features you're excited about?
  • [20:57] - How do you quickly rise, as a junior developer, to proficient level with Rust?
  • [23:53] - Is Rust a good language for developing a database? Are there any stable databases developed in Rust?
  • [25:34] - How is Rust different from C++ and Go?
  • [29:14] - Closing Notes