Ask the Expert: The Future of Modern Application Development with .NET

NET 6 completes the unification of the platform and adds new capabilities for building web, native and hybrid apps for Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android with a single codebase. See how to write less code, target more devices and build cloud native apps faster. Bring your questions live for Scott Hunter, Glenn Condron, and David Ortinau.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:05 - What are you looking forward the most in the Modern Application Development with .NET?
  • 09:21 - What does .NET MAUI mean? What does it stand for?
  • 12:57 - Does MAUI replace Xamarin Forms, or is MAUI built on Xamarin Libraries?
  • 16:00 - Is code in Blazor WASM Aps in .NET 6 still interpreted or compiled like in Uno?
  • 19:33 - What is the difference between Mobile Blazor binding and .NET MAUI Blazor? Which is best to go with?
  • 22:30 - How compatible is WebAssembly Blazor with current mobile phone browsers?
  • 23:23 - When will Web and Linux be officially supported in .NET MAUI?
  • 25:19 - Are any .NET events coming up?
  • 27:59 - Closing Notes

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